How to treat and eliminate dog food allergies.

Prevention of dog food allergies


It may surprise you that there is so much junk in pet chow.

Most of our family pets are just that, family. We  wouldn't feed unhealthy meals to one of our family. So why do we buy into this multi-million dollar industry  that produces extruded, rancid  grease encrusted meat byproducts for our best friends.

Use homemade recipes to make hypoallergenic Dog Food for your pet.

Caring for a pet that has food allergy.

If your dog has allergies then of course you must decide whether you want to make your own dog food meals or search for the right food for your pet. 

Remember your dog will have different needs as he grows older and a dog that has never had pet food allergies may suddenly become allergic to something..

Most allergies are caused by grains and the additives found in canned or dry chow.


Allergies from food was the first diagnosis for my dog, Spooky boy and it was after a very serious procedure called scoping. 

That's when we  found out my boy had a stomach disease that could not be treated, not  even surgery - we tried many recipes and supplements but for most of his life he was never fully fed and was always thin.

Treatment and  causes of allergies from dog food in todays canine -  If you have a pet  that's unwell please take him or her to the vet for a checkup. But if  your vet  tells you that your canine has skin or an allergy, read on.

Terriers seem to  be the most allergic dogs on the planet and I will show you the problems and the solutions that vets have encouraged.


Making dog food at home;  An Overview

Making my allergies recipes is not that difficult! 

Many times this  collection has been suggested by a veterinarian to give to a pet who is  unwell. Pay attention to your pets health: his weight, activity level,  skin and coat quality.

Does he seem bored or lethargic?  Does he bring you his favorite toy?  All are signs he is just not as energetic as he should be.  Making your pets meal might be  helpful.

If these are not  maintaining or improving, consult your veterinarian.  Essentially your  pet should be eating what he would  be getting in nature.  The list  below gives you an idea of the specific foods needed for good health and no allergies.

When you start making his dinner, remember this list of items because they are important.

The importance of variety:

Cannot be over  stressed. (This applies to any and all diets and recipes!) Do not get in the habit of feeding just one recipe..  How would you like to eat  Hamburgers for the rest of your life?  Pretty boring, eh?

Making a large batch

Mix protein,  starch source (if applicable), oil, vegetables, and bone meal together.  Freeze in serving-sized portions. The other supplements should be added  fresh at each serving.


My dog loves his dog food when I add cooked carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and potato.

The vitamin-mineral supplement:

You can use a  specially made pet vitamin supplement, such as Pet Tabs. There are many  good animal supplements available today that can be found at your local  feed store or health food store.  Ask your Vet about what he/she  recommends.

Bone meal must be in an edible form. Get it from the health store.

Bone meal is a  must.  They love to munch on legs  and ribs!  Have you ever seen a  happier sight than your canine with his bone?  If your dog cannot eat  these from the butcher give them a good human grade quality bone meal.  I get mine from the health food store.  Measure according to weight.  Do  not use the type intended for gardening or plants.
Probiotics include acidophilus and other "good" bacteria.

They help maintain your companion animal's normal bacterial population and prevent  colonization by disease-causing bacteria. Digestive enzymes are  important to keep the pancreas from being overworked and to aid  digestion so your dog gets the greatest benefit from the chow he/she  eats.

Meat may be fed cooked or raw.

While many  holistic veterinarians recommend feeding raw instead of making and  cooking it, there are potential risks to your pet's health from  bacterially contaminated protein.  So it must be cooked to well done to  counteract the effects of any bacteria in the protein.

Please discuss  this issue with your veterinarian before feeding raw . If feeding raw,  it is recommended that it should be frozen for 72 hours at -4 degrees F  prior to use.

Most proteins can  be refrozen one time safely, so once you mix the meal, it can be put  back in the freezer until thawed for feeding. Always follow standard  safe handling procedures.



With any food change, go slowly.  A canines tastes and digestive system need time to accommodate new ingredients.

Too rapid a change may result in diarrhea, vomiting, refusal to eat, or other problems.

This is especially important with older animals and sick animals.

Start by adding 2  tablespoons of the new meal to your dogs food.  Slowly increasing by a  tablespoon each day.  If you have a giant breed, start by using 1/4 cup  of the new meal.  Increasing gradually.

I have seen  that changing store bought dog food always causes diarrhea, but when I  feed my dogs home cooked meals, i.e. chicken breast and Chicken, there are no problems.

Allergies are common throughout the United States.  Don't give your dog pet food that will shorten his life.

West Highland White Terriers are known for having allergy problems.

When I bought my  puppy home, I thought I had bought the perfect puppy. Then on the third  day he got sick. It's been 13 years of Vet visits and $$$.

With vomiting  blood, diarrhea and blood in his stools I visited  different vets every  few months. Could this be dog food causing my Westie to vomit his  food?

After $1200.00 dollars in examination, x-rays and drugs, they all told me that it was probably a  dog food allergy because they couldn't find anything wrong in the blood work or examination.

They sent me home  with a special diet of Duck and potatoes, Venison and potatoes and  finally Salmon and  potatoes.   Nothing worked so they switched me to a  hypoallergenic dog  food at an exorbitant price.  Still my dog would  loose his appetite, refuse to eat and vomit bile.

I was at my wits  end  so I finally went to see a vet in San Mateo who told me he had  Colitis along with food allergies. We kept him on the anti-allergy  formula but  added bran to his diet. He improved and started eating  more, gained  weight and looked happier.

Westies with pet food allergies like these are  all too common. We hope we can give you some  hints on how to keep your Westie or any other dog with food allergies in tip top form.

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How to defeat dog allergies in your West Highland White Terrier





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