Hypoallergenic Dog Food and how to find it.

Dog food with organic any hypoallergenic properties aren't that easy to find but I did.

With the most allergic dog in the world as my tester, we brought home bag after bag and can after can home so that Spooky could test them.

Most good hypoallergenic dog food can be found at small specialty shops..

Usually a very good bag of dog kibble or canned will have a money back guarantee.  I took advantage of this to try about 8 types of kibble and canned.

You can see the types of food that Spooky test tasted.  He could tolerate many of these foods but one was so rich in fats that he developed Pancreatitis.  All I had to do was buy the senior dog formula which had much less fat and the Pancreatitis stopped.

If you think your dog may have Pancreatitis take him to the vet.  Make sure it is not something else that is making your dog sick.

Hypoallergenic dog food recipes

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