Allergy free Dog Food - What is the best way to control your dogs allergies?


I always feel for my dogs when they are sick. They cannot express themselves and tell you what is wrong.

What you do see is a tired or listless dog with sad eyes and ears and tail that is held down.

If it doesn't resolve over night or if he becomes worse, take them to a Vet for a checkup.

Not in San Mateo County though.  It almost seems like there is a good old boys network and there are some of the highest prices in the area.

A simple needle biopsy on some tissue cost $100.00.  Yikes!  So my Vet did two, did not ask me, just billed me for two.

Read all you can and refuse service if it costs too much.  You'll be able to find good Vets in San Francisco or Santa Clara Counties.


The following cities are the most expensive in the Bay Area:

Vets in San Mateo County, San Mateo, Millbrae, Belmont, San Carlos, Foster City, Burlingame, San Bruno







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