Westie, Fox Terrier & Schnauzer Skin allergies

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Basic Formula for Dog Food



CHOOSE ONE STARCH SOURCE: Limit this is your dog is overweight



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My dog weighs 18.8 pounds and stands 15 inches at the back. This recipe is good for 1 meal. If your dog is having digestive problems my vet advised many small meals throughout the day.

Try to find a good hypoallergenic kibble.  Find one that does not have any corn or wheat or by products.  It may take some time for America to wake up and realize that we won't stand for the junk that is coming out of China and other countries like Canada, whom I always thought were our good buddies.

The new kibble does not taste that good, according to Spooky.  So I've come up with a way to persuade him to eat his special food and remain healthy.

My dogs love my recipes.  When I start cooking the chicken ( If you work you can cook it in a crock pot) my dogs are circling my legs.  They sure didn't circle the bags of kibble!

Remember each dog is different.  Vary their diet with adding eggs or another type of meat.  This is what works for him and he has finally gained some weight and is looking better than he ever did. 

It takes time for the toxins to leave the dogs body after ingesting them for so long.  We don't, at this point, really know how long our pets have been fed melamine, pesticides and other harmful ingredients.  So hopefully you will see an improvement each month.

Allergies may plague your dog all his life but there are ways to combat it with homemade.

Possible symptoms/allergies to be alert  to include lethargy, listlessness, vomiting, atopic dermititis, rashes,  mange (not really caused by an allergy), signs of food allergies,  infections such as yeast or fungal, and sensitivity to detergents.

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