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Hot spots on your canines skin can cause a rash like you see here - Wash the area with anti-bacterial oatmeal shampoo, being gentle because these sores hurt.

Hot spots are an area of skin that is red or even pink with small to large red bumps.


In this picture you can see the red bumps on the chest and under the front leg.  This infections likes warm moist areas.  All dogs get HOT SPOTS at one time or another.

Canine hot spots usually are warm to the touch and moist to wet, sometimes there is blood and pus under the scab.

If you can remove all the hair around the hot spots, treating it will be much simpler.

Wash the area with anti-bacterial oatmeal shampoo, being gentle because these sores hurt.

  •     Keep on hand (these are kept in a box with all my dogs supplies)
  •     Blunt nosed Scissors that you can buy on line
  •     Flannel rags.  I always keep my old sheets and keep them for my dogs
  •     2% hydrogen peroxide   
  •     Oatmeal bath, will keep the itch down
  •     Panalog or Dermavet ointment
  •     Sport bandages
  •     Q tips
  •     Strong adhesive tape
  •     Sports wrap

If you have hair clippers, shave down the hair so you can see all the bumps. 

At this time I would either dab all the bumps with hydrogen peroxide or give your dog the oatmeal bath.

After the bath, apply Panalog to each red area.  I usually do this just before bedtime when they want to sleep and not lick anymore.  If they still want to lick the medicine off, an Elizabethan collar works.  They might not like it, but it works.

If the hot spots are on the paw of leg I apply the ointment and cover it with gauze.  Non stick is best.


Then I wrap it in Sports wrap.  Then I get the adhesive tape and go around the paw. 

My dog doesn't mind this and has slept all night without pulling it off.  You can get this at any sporting goods store or your local drug store.

If these hot spots do not clear up another trip to the vet is possible because these spots could be a staph infection.









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