Westie, Fox Terrier & Schnauzer Skin allergies

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Crawling on the carpet or the floor.

Why does your dog drag this body along the floor with his front feet propelling him along the carpet?


There is a very simple explanation but crawling on the carpet sometimes can present a problem.

My dogs like to crawl  along the carpet and I thought it was funny until I noticed that  sometimes it means there is a skin issue or problems.

If your dog has a habit  of crawling on the carpet, it may mean there are bumps on his belly.  It doesn't always mean you have a problem but be sure and check the area  for hot spots or sores.

I saw my female dog doing this  and gently rolled her on her back to find a bunch of red spots all over  her belly.  This is what I do to get rid of those nasty bumps.

These bumps and scabs may be  hot spots or a bacterial infection.  Be sure to check with your vet  regarding these bumps as they might be a staph infection.

Another  reason your dog is crawling on the carpet can be because of flea bites.  Be sure to wash you dog in a flea shampoo and always wash his or her  bedding because that's where the flea eggs are.

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