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Spooky's Dog food allergies and kibble Verses Canned.

Dog food for allergies

My Spooky dog has food allergies that have ruined his stomach, which is now diseased. He has been on prednisone and other drugs just so that he can eat. I have given up on kibble because of all the additives in it any of which, Spooky is allergic to. When he eats home cooked meals, he has no problems.

I want to share with you the problems that my Spooky dog and I went through when we discovered that he had stomach problems attributed to food allergies.

Imagine how better, we as humans, would feel if all our food came from our garden, we knew  where our meat came from (without BHT and antibiotics) and knew that the grains we used were not grown with an insecticide that was poison in  our dogs systems and would cause liver failure.

After discontinuing kibble, my dog has bounced back from what I thought was an incurable condition.  Both dogs would eat the wet food but not the dry.  So I discontinued my kibble.

If your canine is allergic to food, homemade is the best way to go.

I feed my dog raw food with no grains and they are both doing so well.   If your dog has problems with his food, try giving up kibble.  It worked for us and it might work for you!

Allergy free pet food for dog allergies, when made at home, give your canine the best chance to eat foods that are not only is good for him but will help him fight off infections and help him live a longer and healthier life. 

These special recipes are easy to make and perfect for dog allergies and they don't take long to make because they use ingredients you use every day in your own kitchen.  Try them and let me know how they work on your dog.

The first dog food recipe is for any dog without illness or injury.
Here you already ahead of the game because your dog is healthy except for something in his food triggering dog allergies.  Try each different ingredient and add it to the one ingredient you know does not cause dog allergies.

Most dogs with dog allergies are not allergic to Chicken, rice or cottage cheese if you buy the kind without growth hormones and antibiotics.

 Think about it this way;  What goes into that Chicken or cow is going to go into your dog and have adverse effects; namely dog allergies. 

Buy free range chicken and free range beef.  Yes, it costs more but then how much are you paying for vet visits, vet dog food and medicines for your dog every time he has a bad episode?
I have been making my dogs food for quite some time now.  My doctor put me on a strict diet of fish and vegetables for high cholesterol so I made a habit of making extra fish or chicken and lots of veggies.

I can't believe how my dogs love the steamed broccoli and cauliflower they eat mixed in with the fish.  They wolf it down like starving dogs!  It's really great to see and it does not cause diarrhea.  Dog breeders and vets are always telling you to switch the food gradually.  I was afraid this mixture would cause diarrhea but it did not. 

The first night I did mix it half and half with my old canned food ( the really expensive kind from the vet) but the next night I had run out of the old food and just crossed my fingers.  Well!  No diarrhea.  I was so pleased and my dogs looked so happy to get real food not some byproduct mess from a can with grain from china laced with poison.

After that first try I kept up the diet for my dogs trying new ingredients including cooked carrots and squash.  My dog really loves cauliflower.  He cannot get enough of it and it doesn't give him dog allergies.

If you are concerned about why dogs even need vegetables you should be aware that in the wild a dog will bring down a kill and the first thing they eat is the stomach contents.  Gross huh?  But thats where all the vegetables are!  The animal, usually a herbivore, has been feeding on plants and grains and even fruit.

I had a Cairn Terrier who loved strawberries.  Dogs also like raisins and grapes but don't give them any.  There is a chemical contained in the grape that is harmful to your dog.

Also a food to NEVER feed your dog is chocolate.  The kidneys and liver can't process this food properly and it builds up in the body of the dog and eventually can kill him if enough is ingested.

There are plenty of dog allergies caused by other things than food.  Dogs never had allergies in the old days.  Why? because they were eating food without additives, without pesticides and without hormones.  Our dogs and ourselves too, would be better off eating only food that is fresh, doesn't come out of a box or bag or plastic bottle.

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Take for instance butter verses margarine.  Butter comes right out of the cow, churned a bit and solidifies into butter, all by itself.  Margarine on the other hand is produced from vegetable fats.  Manufacturers produced oleomargarine by taking clarified vegetable fat, extracting the liquid portion under pressure, and then allowing it to solidify.

When combined with butyrin and water, it made a cheap and more-or-less palatable butter-substitute.  Colorings are added and stabilizers to make it harden.  What a lot of work to produce a product when butter is just butter.

The dog food sold in markets and pet shops and even dog hospitals have gone through all this kind of production.  All kinds of toxins and chemicals are added.  Even Mac Donald's grease to make it taste good, hold up in a bag or can, look the right color (food colorings) and BHT to make sure it doesn't rot in the can or bag.  Hmmm.  Does that sound right to you?  It sure doesn't to me. 

Once I picked up two cans of dog food from different lots and I noticed a markedly difference in weight!  What had they done to make it lighter.  I opened up the can and it was full all the way to the top but I really began to wonder what exactly were they putting in that food?  Did they mix it with air to make it fill the can and if they did that how did they keep the food from settling to the bottom of the can.  It was very disturbing and decided you can't trust what's in dog food from batch to batch.