Dog allergies - environmental toxins can cause canine allergy.


Dog allergies are so prevalent in today's canine that entire allergy industries have been built to address the allergy problem that has become so common. 

Consider why this is happening. 

Could it be the environment we are now living in?

Dog allergies can be caused by so many factors and most vets agree that  environmental causes such as pollution the air, chemicals and pharmaceuticals in the water and bacteria in our food are a factor.

Dog Health and Allergies

Just as the environment has an effect on our health and well being, it also affects all the animals on the earth, including our dogs health.  We can see how pollution is affecting wild life and how many animals are disappearing from the earth because of human encroachment and the use of chemicals.

Our water is polluted and undrinkable in most American Cities. Our food is full of chemicals and toxins and there is bacteria in the food we import from Mexico.

Of course as we get sick from these problems so do our dogs.  Our best friends lives are being shortened by the chemicals and toxins in the canned food we feed them. The water supply they drink from and the detergents and even medicines that are given to our dogs to alleviate allergy problems.

Entire industries have grown over the last 10 years just to address the problem of allergies in dogs.  To my dismay the source of the problem is often not looked for, instead the vets will give out Prednisone and hypoallergenic dog food to combat the problem.  But it does nothing to find out what the underlying cause is.

It makes me crazy to hear the vet tell me it's an allergy and to try this medication or that food to see if they will get better.

Most vets never ask you what your dog comes into contact with that could cause an allergy.  They run lots of tests to make sure your dog doesn't have cancer or some other dreadful disease.  When the results come back negative they don't do much besides telling you to change the diet and use this medicine.

It isn't cost effective to teach the dog owner what causes dog allergies.   It doesn't bring any money back to them and in fact might cure the dogs problems which means you won't be coming back to the vet any time soon.














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