Doggy Meat Loaf dog food recipes will please your pet

Here is a Beef and rice dog food with the addition of carrots and broccoli, which are both cancer fighting vegetables.

Beef, Rice and Broccoli Dinner:

If you have a busy lifestyle with work, children and a husband to feed you will want to take advantage of my free dog food recipes. My dog food recipes made from chicken and rice not only save time but provide your dog with a proper diet for health and longevity.

Many of my readers incorporate the family dinner with what to feed their dog. Would you like to eat the same kibble every day of your life?

I sure would not and I know my dogs feel better when they have had a good meal. They want to jump around and play and after that they crash on my favorite chair!

Bake in preheated 350ยบ oven for 15 minutes.

Can be stored in sealed container in refrigerator.

If you make a big batch of meat loaf, it can be sliced into serving portions and can be frozen and used as needed.

Seal it nice and tight so they don't get freezer burn

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