There are some foods that dogs should never eat.



Did you know that raisins and chocolate can kill your dog by shutting down the liver and kidneys?

My dog comes up to me as I am eating a chocolate bar.  Now that chocolate tastes pretty good to me and my dog likes it too but it could kills him..

Along with raisins and chocolate are some other dangerous foods.

Onions and garlic should never be given to a dog.  What makes me crazy is that lots of pet products contain garlic.

Garlic if eaten in large quantities or small quantities over a long period will make your dog anemic by destroying red blood cells.  Onion is even more toxic.

Fat pieces and throw away food should not be given to dogs.  Too much fat can and does cause Pancreatitis.  You don't even want to go there.  You can tell if your dog has Pancreatitis.  He will vomit yellow bile in the morning.  Some dogs show no symptoms but this is a classic symptoms.

My eleven year old dog started throwing up yellow bile.  I was concerned so I went to the vet and told him I thought my dog had Pancreatitis.  He looked at my dog and said "No, I don't think that's what is wrong.  Let's do some (really expensive) tests." 

After the tests were done and he came back in the exam room, he showed me a piece of paper with Spooky's blood work on it.

Everything was normal except he had pancreatitis.  .


How do food allergies begin?

A reaction towards food is usually called a type 1 allergic reaction to something in the diet.

This means your dogs immune system produces a class of antibodies in response to a particular food. These antibodies cause the allergic symptoms.

In fact, only about 13 per cent of dog's suffer allergic reactions towards food, and most will have this problem most of their lives.

Almost one third of the population omit certain foods from their diet or their dog's diet because they believe they cause an allergic reaction.






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