Homemade Dog Food recipes.


Homemade dog food recipes can be cooked right in your kitchen using ground meats and healthy ingredients. 


HEALTHY AND NATURAL homemade dog food food recipe for your canine:






Certain foods should be avoided when you make homemade dog food recipes.

Never feed your dog chocolate, alcohol, onions, pork (including bacon), raw fish, raw eggs, milk or bones. Each of these has its own ill effects on dogs. Limit the use of tuna because of the risks associated with the mercury levels in it.


Feed liver in moderation and not at all if you're giving your dog vitamin A supplements. Overdoses of vitamin A can be toxic and should not be in homemade dog food unless your vet told you how much to put into the homemade dog food.

I know that many dog food recipes are available on the Internet and in books. Look for recipes that are high in protein content and make sure they don't contain foods that are harmful to you dog. Include some small amounts of vegetables in your dog's food. Continue reading about more homemade dog food recipes, all free!

My dog almost bled to dead (rat poison symptom) and I feel we have to take matters into our own hands to stop big business from killing our dogs.

If you make a big batch, freeze it and thaw when needed

Until Menu Foods and US based manufacturers can guarantee that they will not buy from China and other countries that use banned pesticides, rat poison and a fertilizer that uses a plastic based substance, we should be making our own dog food for our pets.

I think we should send a message and not buy the food, let them have a taste of shrinking profit margins and get them to produce good, healthy and trusted foods rather than owners having to make their own homemade dog food recipes.

I have thrown out the kibble I use to use for Spooky and Elle.  Canines in the wild never ate grains and corn.  The first Hills Science Diet had as it's first ingredients, peanut hulls!

Homemade dog food is far better than peanut hulls.




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