Homemade Dog food made a world of difference to my West Highland White Terrier who gobble my dog food right up.

After a while I just gave up on Vet hypoallergenic kibble for my dog, a West Highland White Terrier and started making my own homemade food.


Homemade Dog Food is easy to make if you make it part of your dinner routine

In 2001 I began this web site.  Spooky was then 2 years old and we had already piled up the bills at the many many vets we tried.  Spooky had gotten sick the third day after I brought him home. 

Spooky lost his battle with stomach disease November 8, 2012, he was almost 13 years old.  I still cry every day for my sweet boy.

Now I look back at that day.  This month it will be 11 years I have been dealing with his dog food allergy and even though it's been difficult, scary, time consuming and an anxious time, he has been worth it.  A smarter more beautiful dog in body and mind I have never met. 

So because I am sure most of his problems come from processed dog food, I cook for Spooky.  I made dog food from scratch and he is so much happier than the corn and wheat "dog food" they sell you at every market you can find.

Update:  Just three months ago I came across some wonderful kibble that I found in a dog specialty store.  You most likely never find these in the Super Markets or Wal Mart or Petco or Petsmart because these stores sell cheap dog food and it's not homemade!. 

Why?  Because these foods are very high end and guaranteed.  You can bring them back and get your money back if the kibble or canned is not up to your expectations.  They cost more than sub standard kibble but less than vets' food which I do not like since it's marked up so much.


I offer these recipes to you intermingled with my thoughts about dogs, vets, life and dedication and hope you will at least try some of the recipes before you give up. 

West Highland White Terriers and homemade dog food.  These terriers have many allergies.  If you are thinking of buying one, think good and hard and find a breeder with varied breeding lines with no inbreeding to bring out a certain trait. 


I would say buy a pup from a backyard breeder but that went horribly wrong for me too with a little sweet baby girl who died at 4 months old from Canine Leukodystrophy, an extremely rare disease. 

It just about killed me when I was told it was incurable and I had to put her down.  This was in 1976 and as I write this, tears are in my eyes.  So I say to you, do your homework and buy carefully. 

Dog nutrition plays an important part in making home made dog food

When I was a child my mother always had dogs and they were always so healthy but they were mixed breeds and they were hardy. 

It wasn't until I saw a Westy and became besotted with their beauty that my introduction to dog food allergy problems now takes up every day, every year and all the time.

So if you are still interested in Westies be prepared to deal with allergies and if you have no allergy symptoms in your West Highland White Terriers life, thank your lucky stars!

Just remember a visit to the vet when your dog is sick and annually is just as important as feeding with good nutrition.

I get the Whole Dog Journal and there was an article about Westies and some of the health problems associated with them and also Cockers.  They should have a diet low in copper. 

If not, they have skin and kidney problems.  My sister has Cockers and one of them has continuing skin problems after many, many tests.

Nothing seemed to work. She now adds Vitamin D (my vet endorses it) and for the first time Maddie(her cocker) skin is clear.





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