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Hypoallergenic dog food is being sought after more than ever.

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My lead tester is of course Spooky.  He's gone through more food than you can imagine.  He is so allergic that feeding him just a tiny bit of sugar will cause an outbreak of skin allergies and yeast infections. 

Why did I give him sugar?  Like most of us, I didn't think before I gave him a piece of a energy bar. 

It never crossed my mind that eating just a little sugar can cause a yeast infection and cavities!  If you never feed sugar to your pet, he will not get tooth decay.

So I did my research on commercial dog food and found so much of it was junk, feathers, skin, feet, intestines filled with offal..... the list goes on and it's gross!

With the knowledge that most dog food is merely cast off food and additives, many pet owners are looking for a good substitute Hypoallergenic dog food, without having to make it themselves..

I would caution pet owner to choose wisely when selecting a bag of kibble that claims that it is hypoallergenic dog food.

If the hypoallergenic dog food has corn or wheat in it, just put it back on the shelf.  I have found a very good kibble and am pleased that so far it has no side affects and my dog is tolerating it very well. Hypoallergenic dog food is the very best you can use for your dog food

When the dog food recall was in the news everyday, Hills Prescription Diet quietly pulled some of its products off the shelves.  Then they came out with a new kibble.  The three new diets have rabbit and potatoes  or salmon and potatoes or duck and potatoes.  It has no corn or wheat.  I immediately bought a bag and have gone though two bags will no ill effects to my dogs.   I just wish it didn't cost so much.

Just this last month I've noticed that the Hill's food is giving my dogs allergies again.  I guess they are going back to their old habits.


Hypoallergenic dog food that I use is food from Trader Joe's

Hypoallergenic dog food is very good for pets who are extremely allergic to certain ingredients, preservatives and food additives, i.e. colorings, flavorings, binders and extruder's.

You have to really read the fine print when buying Hypoallergenic dog food, even if it says hypoallergenic dog food.  There are so many additives used for canning purposes.

Also they add chemicals to preserve the color, the consistency and to keep it from spoiling.  In dried kibble they use a chemical that helps it keep it's shape (you know those little hearts, round and bone shaped kibble).

They also add coloring agents to color the food.  Dogs don't care what color their food is.  It is done solely so that we think it is pleasing and so that we will buy it.  These chemicals are not good for us and they are not good for any animal.

When we buy canned foods for human consumption the least expensive ingredient is salt.  Salt has been used for thousands of years to preserve meat, fish and other foods.  Extra salt has no place in our diet or our dogs diet.  It raises our high blood pressure and that's something older people do not need.

Also beware of the word "natural" on a can or bag of food.  It means nothing.  The FDA has not approved the word to mean "good" "wholesome" or "organic". 

The pet food companies want you to think "natural" means it's better than all the rest but it means nothing. 

They still will put anything they want into dog food and the government doesn't care.  It has other things to worry about.  I don't think they care about dog food.

I'll say it again that diseased cattle or "downers" which means a cow that is so sick it can not stand.  There was a news report on CNN which showed video of a stock yard where they were taking care of a sick cow by picking it up with a fork lift and throwing the dying cow in a pile of dead cattle. 

These dead and diseased and dying cattle are left in a heap in the sun for days before the dog food companies come along to pick them up.

Along with diseased cattle and chickens, dead cats and dogs are also ground up and processed into canned or kibble.  Sad, isn't it? 

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