Add a little dog food gravy to your pets kibble and he will finish the bowl

Because Spooky was never hungry, I would have to come up with alternatives to get him to want to eat.


His stomach was diseased.  No one ever told me why his stomach could not absorb all the nutrients in his dog food.  Instead they told me it was food allergies.  It's a big scam.  See a Westie and you get to sell the owner Vet dog food and treats, shampoos, injections, topical creams, blood tests and biopsies. 

Gravy for when your dog is unwilling to eat

Every time they told me it was allergies.  I disagreed and went to many other Vets until I went to a surgical vet and they scoped him.  His stomach was a mess and he was dying at 8 years old because Dr. Wilson mis-diagnosed his condition. 

After I fired my vet, I started making my own dog food with human grade ingredients and nutrients every dog needs to be healthy. 

I started making homemade gravy (no salt and no spices) using Omega 6 oils and put just a teaspoon on his dinner.  It worked many times and was well tolerated.

Since Spooky was so sick, and the Vets could not cure him, it was a waiting game.  I was hoping for a miracle but it never came.  Spooky died last year.





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