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spookbenchThis is Spooky at 10 weeks old.  As you can see his ears have not raised up yet.

babypooky03This is Spooky at 3 months old.  A real terror!  Nothing in the house was safe from this little "Jaws".  He ate through furniture, shoes and my favorite purse.  He taught us not to leave anything on the floor. spookyBlueChair


This is a video of Spooky and Elle.  My sweet West Highland White Terriers aka "Westies".


This is Spooky today.  He is a mature and healthy West Highland White Terrier who's story you can read on this site. 

Update:  Spooky Boy was laid to rest after suffering a rapid decline in health.  He was put down at Los Altos, Ca Animal Hospital.  He was almost 13 years old.  I could not make him go through anymore tests.  I could see that he was in pain and uncomfortable.

Finally my dog is at rest and free from stomach problems and pain. 

I will love you forever my Spooky Boy.  Love, Mom and Elle



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