The older canine needs different nutritional needs. 


He will need less fat and more fiber, just like humans. 

He will need the same amount of exercise but watch out for sore joints.  He may develop arthritis.  The Older Dog

He will tend to put on more weight.  His chin hair will become white if he is a black dog and just a lighter shade if his coat is a tan or light brown.  Take care of that old fella as a dog is nearing the end of his life at 10 years old if you have not taken good care of him.

For instance, do you give your dog candy or fast food.  He won't live as long.  On the other hand, if you've fed him home made food he will have a better chance of living longer.

I've talked to many doctors who will say many cancers are environmental and toxins in the home, air, food and bedding can shorten your life, 7 x that for a dog.

Make sure your dog has plenty of filtered water.  The kidneys and Liver are older and will not work as efficiently as when he was 2 years old.  Filtered water will help keep toxins from building up in the liver and help him from getting stones in his kidneys.

Don't feed him foods on the danger list.  If he has been given these foods on a regular basis throughout his life, then they will be starting to cause problems with the liver and kidneys at around 7 or 8 years old.

Cancer is the one disease that a dog doesn't have much chance at.  Give your dog the best care and help him live a longer life.


Cooking broccoli and adding it to your dogs' diet, will help enormously.  Dogs like to eat it and it's good for them!

lList of foods you dog should never eat

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