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Skin Allergies - unprecedented  numbers of dog are showing signs of hot spots and yeast infections of the skin.


A new market has risen from the fact that there are more allergic reactions in dogs because of inadequate nutrition in modern dog food. 

Many Veternarians are making a nice living from skin allergies. 

They never really "cure" it and it can get expensive.

I have the treatment that works.

How common are food allergies?

No one knows for sure how many pets have food allergies, but  in general practice and that food is the cause of 15% to 20% of allergic responses in dogs and cats.

Food allergy is probably the third most common hypersensitivity skin disease in dogs and cats after flea allergy and atopy.

Most skin problems are not real allergies but a reaction to bad ingredients, such as dead, diseased cattle used for dog food (it's legal) and chemicals that don't belong in our dogs bodies.

Please take a look at "The ugly Truth" to see what goes into dog food, besides food.

Don't let allergies break up a beautiful relationship.

Here is my cure for hot spots, yeast and skin infections for your Westie.

Buy the right food.

Don't buy the food from a Vet unless you are married to him.

Instead buy a good dog food that is NOT sold at Petsmart, Petco or Banfield.  Do not feed Purina, Hills or any kibble that has colored kibble or is made into shapes that are pleasing to humans.  Dogs don't care what it looks like and the chemical extruders that makes the shapes can harm your dog.

I have found a great dog food company that has not been bought out by the big dog food companies.

It is Orijen dog food.  It's expensive but then so are vet appointments. 

I use 6 Regional Fish.  It is full of Omega oils that are good for the skin.  I was feeding my girl senior food and when I switched to fish, I was astonished to witness her skin allergies disappear. 

In tandem with her new food I also bathe her 3 times a week.  I use special allergy medicated soap and rinse.  Then I mix 1 cup of apple cider vinegar to 2 cups water.  After I rinse my girl of soap, I drench her skin with this mixture.  I let her drip dry in the bath tub.

This simple trick keeps the PH of the skin in balance unfriendly to yeast infections.

The third thing I do is add 1 teaspoon of Apple Cider vinegar to her dinner each night.  Since her skin is so easily iirritated, adding the "mother" of Apple Cider Vinegar to her food, helps her body fight the yeast.


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