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I have a 10 years old Westie who  was diagnosed blind just over three weeks ago. As you can imagine we are devastated and are doing our best to cope.

 I know it is early days yet  and I guess he is doing as well as can be expected but it is  heartbreaking to see him bumping into things. We know we now have to  leave the furniture in the same place as he knows the layout of the  house and is quite good inside but he does get disoriented at times. We  have also put baby corners on everything with a corner on it.

We are  wondering what to do to keep him alert as, apart from walks which he  is ready for anytime, he spends most of his time sleeping and I am sure  that is not good for him. I would be so grateful for any feedback you  have if you have been in this sad situation.

I had a dog go blind and it  took him some time to adjust and me too. but he did and eventually he  got around just fine!


The hardest part of this whole thing is going  to be your part! you have to stop  feeling sorry for Barney and help him move forward!  Looks like you have  started but you really need to treat him just like any other dog! if the yard isn't safe then make it safe for him to be able to be out there on his own, and to just be a dog! you will both be happier for it! good  luck!

I am wondering if you have  thought about leaving some soft music on for your Westie boy? Usually in blind people their hearing becomes so important to them. It might be  soothing to him plus help him focus on the location of things.

Sound bounces off everything. You and I may not pay much attention to it but a blind person sure does.
I think if I were blind music would feel like a big hug wrapped around me.

If your yard is big you may consider fencing it off some. To create a  smaller area for him. You can do this even temporarily with X-pens and  stake bars you hammer into the ground. 

Use a 2" x 2"" strip of redwood with about 4 eye hooks that you can use to clamp the X-pens to if using like a fence. The strip of redwood can be screwed onto your house. I did  this right outside out patio door. To create a very large play pen to  keep dogs clean for show.

It's amazing how the other  sense will take over and become very acute. 

Hearing will tell him where you are and smell will tell him where he's at. Give it some time.  You've done great protecting him from sharp objects. 

He will adjust.



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