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Innova Dog Food that Spooky has tested in our test kitchen!

Dog food that Spooky thinks is good and gives four paws up!

Spooky is my tester.  He is so sensitive that most kibble will upset him so I trust in his kitchen-laboratory testing results.  It's really my kitchen and Spooky taste buds. 

Here are some good hypoallergenic dog foods that you probably will NOT find at Wal Mart.

Innova Dog Food - Red Meat

Innova good Red Meat Diet is a really terrific kibble for an adult canine who doesn't need grains in his meals although some canines do eat grains, it comes from eating rabbits or other game

Innova Red Meat is all meat. Spooky loves this food. He will eat it dry. Which is amazing by itself! But I would not advise using it if your dog has any problems with his organs. Spooky has Pancreatitis and although he loves this dog food, It is no good for him so I  do not give him much or it just makes the Pancreatitis worse.


Innova Low Fat Adult Dog Food Kibble

Innova Low Fat Adult


Innova Low Fat Adult Dog Food. This was Spooky's main food.  I put some homemade gravy (not out of a package - too much salt).  I use organic chicken stock and thicken it up a bit with a little flour and mix it in with the food. Or sometimes I take some of the red meat Innova and mix it in so he has to work at eating it.  Little brat. 


Searching for dog food is an ongoing project if your dog has allergies.  I must say IMHO, that these are the best brands I have found.  I didn't spend lots of money because all of them offer a money back guarantee.  Innova even has a program that after you buy so many bags, you get a coupon worth money towards your next purchase. 

More dog food from our test kitchen




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